PhotoDNA For all of what man invested in a camera, is he using it will enough? Lunch snaps and selfies are all fine arts. But we can do more; for every photo we take we capture the moment of time it was taken —that’s how our cameras were designed.

Let’s take pictures for the sake of time. Taking a picture could be the best way to record a time moment, it’s instant and we can *see* if it’s correct or not, it already has the location beyond GPS and down to the pixel for where it was taken and moreover we can see what actually happened so it’s hard for different records to get mixed-up. Compared with a recorder clock there’s no worry about missing records because we are in the middle of recording one or because we need to go to our recorder clock or timetables, taking a picture is instantaneous and the identity are verifiable by the object in the image regardless of the capturing device. And we can be as precise or vague as needed, maintaining record consistency is only a matter of photographing the same object again.

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